Being a list of debtors, sanctuary-seekers, prisoners mentioned in this blog, and their contemporaries.

Dawson, ‘Bully’. Born unknown, died unknown. Notorious gambler, presumed model for Laroon’s portrait of the Squire of Alsatia. Refs: Laroon’s ‘Squire of Alsatia’, Wikipedia.

Evelyn, John. Born 31 October 1620, died 27 February 1706. Famed diarist. Refs: John Evelyn and Saint Martins in the Fields, Wikipedia.

Fawcett, Reverend Joseph. Dissenting Minister. Mentioned in E.P. Thompson’s Whigs and Hunters as soliciting a reward from Walpole for converting many Minters, and thereby making the dissolution of the sanctuary peaceable.

Harman, Thomas. Flourished circa 1547 to 1567. Compiler of one of the earliest Canting dictionaries, and lived in Whitefriars in the 1560s. Refs: The Language of Alsatia: Cant, Analogy and Toponyms, Wikipedia.

Laroon, Marcellus. Born 1649, died unknown. Artist, famed today for his series ‘Cries of London’, amongst which he portrayed the Squire of Alsatia, modeled perhaps upon Bully Dawson. Refs: Laroon’s ‘Squire of Alsatia’.

Locke, John. Born 29 August 1632, died 28 October 1704. Renowned philosopher and early economist. Refs: The Language of Alsatia: Cant, Analogy and Toponyms, Wikipedia.

Swift, Jonathan. Born 30 November 1667 , died 19 October 1745. Noted satirist and enemy of playhouse and alsatian language.  Refs: Laroon’s ‘Squire of Alsatia‘, The Language of Alsatia: Cant, Analogy and Toponyms, Wikipedia.

Tate, Nahum. Born 1652, died 30th July 1715. Dublin-born writer, appointed Poet Laureate in 1692. Fled from his creditors to Southwark Mint, where he died. Refs: An Account of the Southwark Mint, Wikipedia.

Towers, Charles. Born unknown, died 1724 (executed). Wapping Minter, executed for going in disguise. Refs: The Life of Charles Towers, a Minter in Wapping.

Ward, Ned. Born unknown, died 20th June 1731. Hack writer and publican, author of The London Spy. Refs: The London Spy Visits Whitefriars, Wikipedia.

Winter, Francis. Born unknown, died 17th May 1693 (executed). ‘Leader’, apparently, of the Alsatians in the 1691 riot against the Templars. Refs: Francis Winter’s Last Farewell, The Ordinary of Newgate’s Account of Francis Winter, Luttrell on Winter.

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  1. michael hampton says:

    I recently discovered that Ward is buried in the Old St Pancras churchyard.

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